Kean Walmsley

Kean works at Autodesk Research, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

He joined Autodesk in 1995 and has worked in a number of Autodesk offices around the world – in the UK, the US, India and Switzerland – and in a number of roles, both technical and management-focused. He spent several years working in the Autodesk Developer Network and four years as a Software Architect for the AutoCAD product line.

In 2006 Kean started this blog, through which he enjoys a regular dialog with software developers working with Autodesk technologies. He also uses it to share his research into how Autodesk technologies connect with emerging industry trends, such as reality capture, natural user interfaces, virtual reality, and the internet of things.

Kean can be contacted by email, but please don’t expect him to provide support: if you need support for our products or APIs, please visit Autodesk’s support website, use our discussion groups or post a question via your reseller or the Autodesk Developer Network website, if you’re a member.

Here’s a video introduction recorded by Kean, although this describes his previous role and really needs updating.



BIM360, Dynamo, Forge, Revit


BIM, Computational design